Krigsarkivet, huset 

Opening hours


Monday: 10.00-16.30
 Tuesday: 9.00-16.30
 Wednesday: 9.00-19.30
 Thursday-Friday: 9.00-16.30
 Saturday: 9.00-13.30

Closed 18-19:th of October.


Monday: 10.00-16.00
Tuesday-Friday: 9.00-16.00


Contact information

E-mail: registrator.kra[at]

Switchboard: +46 (0)10-476 75 00
Questions: +46 (0)10-476 75 90
Telephone hours: Monday 10.00-11.00, 13.00-15.00
Tuesday-Friday: 9.00-11.00, 13.00-15.00

Postal address: Banérgatan 64, 115 88 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address: Banérgatan 64, Stockholm.

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The Military Archives is moving to the National Archives

The Military Archives is moving to the National Archives’ facilities in Arninge, Täby. We will begin moving records in February 2020. The opening of Riksarkivet Arninge is scheduled for April 2020. In June 2020 our facilities on Banérgatan will close for good.

Some records require special care during the moving process. This includes, for example, maps, drawings, photographs and secret archives. As a result, access to archival documents will be limited during this time. Some of the records which are being moved are, however, available in digital format on the National Archives´ website.

As our members of staff will be busy moving historical records during the first half of 2020, we will temporarily limit our opening hours. Starting from January 2020, The Military Archives will be closed on Mondays and have reduced opening hours during the rest of the week. When the facility in Arninge opens in April, opening hours will be even further reduced until we close completely June 1th. Longer waiting times for responses to requests and secrecy reviews are to be expected.

We kindly ask our visitors for your understanding during the following months, and welcome you to Riksarkivet Arninge in 2020.

Preliminary opening hours during 2020:

  • January – March 2020
  • Monday:  CLOSED
  • Tuesday:  09:00-16:00
  • Wednesday:  12.00-19.00
  • Thursday:  09:00-16:00
  • Friday:  09:00-13:00

April – May 2020

  • Monday:  CLOSED
  • Tuesday:  CLOSED
  • Wednesday  12.00-19.00
  • Thursday  09:00-16:00

June 2020

  • Banérgatan closes. Welcome to Arninge!
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