Claes Gejrot

Ass. prof., editor-in-chief

Claes is a Latinist specializing in Swedish medieval Latin. In his research he has mainly worked with Diplomatics and text editions. Besides the Diplomatarium Suecanum, he has dealt with texts concerning Saint Birgitta of Sweden and her order, university sermons from the 15th century, medieval forgeries, the oldest documents from Nydala monastery and Neo-Latin poetry. He has worked as a lecturer at Stockholm University.

claes.gejrot[at],  010-476 71 53

Ingela Hedström

Ph.D., editor

Ingela earned her Ph.D. in 2009 in Nordic languages at the University of Oslo with her thesis on Medieval Swedish prayer books. Her primary area of research concerns writing and manuscript production in Vadstena Abbey as well as female scribes and literacy in the Middle Ages. At the Diplomatarium Suecanum she works with the editions of Old Swedish texts.

ingela.hedstrom[at],  010-476 71 91

Peter Ståhl

Ph.D., editor

Peter works with the Latin charter editions in the Diplomatarium series. He received his doctorate in 1998 when he published an edition of the Latin form letters in the manuscript C 6 (Johannes Hildebrandi), in Uppsala University Library (first half of 15th century). He has also written articles on the medieval copy-books in the National Archives, Diplomatics and Ars dictandi as well as on the Vatican material.

peter.stahl[at],  010-476 72 67

Sara Risberg

Ass. prof., editor

Sara received her Ph.D. in Latin at the University of Stockholm in 2003. Her scholarly work has mainly dealt with late-medieval texts, particularly Birgittine material and Vatican documents. At the Diplomatarium she works primarily with the Diplomatarium Suecanum Main Catalogue (SDHK).

sara.risberg[at],  010-476 72 53

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Sara Risberg