The National Archives is willing to consider loan requests to established institutions. A series of requirements which deal with matters such as insurance, security, climatic conditions must be met before a loan can be accepted. In cases where the National Archives are unable to lend an original document due to its condition or for any other reasons, a reproduction of high-color resolution can be supplied.

Normally it requires that the loan request is received at least six months prior to the opening of the exhibition and the maximum loan period is generally six months. Touring exhibitions are not, in principal, accepted. The borrower is responsible for all costs i.e. insurance, security copies, conservation treatments, transport etc.

For further information see Loan Conditions.

To obtain help with the identification/registration code or selection of documents, contact the specific department within the National Archives. Fill in the Loan Application Form and send the request including your Standard and Facility Report to

If the loan request is accepted, a Loan Agreement is made between the National Archives and the borrower.

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